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Precautions when climbing the mountain

 Eruptions have repeatedly occurred throughout recorded history. The crater at Aso is indeed alive. Those people climbing the mountain must stay within the restricted areas and strive to remain safe and protect themselves. People with asthma, bronchitis, or heart problems should avoid the crater area.
Entry zones will be restricted depending on the emission of volcanic gases. Pay close attention to announcements about these gases and follow the instructions of the crater monitors during an emergency.

Warning: Toxic volcanic gases are circulating near the crater. Persons with the following respiratory problems in particular are forbidden from climbing the mountain at all times because exposure to the volcanic gases could result in death.。

●Persons with asthma●

●Persons with bronchitis●

●Persons with heart problems●

Those people who suffer physical difficulties after inhaling volcanic gases are requested to immediately inform an emergency crater monitor because of the danger involved.

Zone restrictions ●